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The Scientists from the Australian National University examined ancient sedimentary rocks in central Australia.

In their statement they said,”About 650 million years ago, animal evolution has been discovered.”

Australian National University co-author Joseon Browke commented:

We pelted the rocks from which we dug the molecules of the ancient creatures. These molecules actually tell us that it changed 650 million years ago, which is an ecological revolution.

The rise of this transformation is one of the deepest ecological revolutions in Earth’s history.

It took a dramatic phenomenon 50 million years ago on Earth before it happened. This snowfall eventually paralyzed the Earth for 50 million years.

Frost runs into fogs and created nutrients in the oceans during a severe global warming. Most nutrients were produced in the sea.

It has been transformed by bacteria to the world of the most complex living from the dominant seas.

These large and nutrient organisms at the bottom of the food web feed have provided enough energy for complex ecological evolution, adding that large and complex animals, including humans, can be formed on Earth.