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Actor Rajinikanth has been busy in politics in Tamil Nadu and has been in a thrilling expectation that he will jump into political politics.

He has come to the conclusion of the final three months of discussions at various stages of a political entrance.

Rajinikanth is planning to complete full-time political activities in the next month after complete his film work.

When the Gandhian People Leader, Tiruiruvavi Maniyan, spoke at Rajinikanth 3 days ago at the convention in Trichy and decided to take up politics. He told me that it was the right time to come to politics.

The political situation in the Tamil Nadu is reeling again. It is also reported that Rajnikanth’s party will begin to consider what party will be named. Does Dravidian name be included in the party? Do national parties name in the image? It is said to think.

Closer to the party said they have decided to name some names and finally choose one.

Similarly, the flag and icon are said to have been selected. He is also involved in the task of creating new policy plans for the party, including poverty, unemployment, and elimination of water. It is said that connecting Tamil Nadu rivers will be the main policy.