The Tamil Nadu government has ordered the traffic authorities not to register the vehicles for the driver’s license

In the letter written by the Transport Secretary to all Traffic Regional Officers of Tamil Nadu:

The number of deaths caused by road accidents has been brought to the attention of the Government. 15,563 in 14 thousand road accidents in 2013, 15,190 in 14,165 accidents in 2014, 15,642 in 14,524 accidents in 2015 and 17,218 in 16,092 accidents in 2016.

From 9,231 accidents till July this year, 9,881 people died.

The driver’s fault, the fault of the passengers, the wrongdoing of the pedestrian, the mechanical disorder, the bad road and the bad weather has been found to be responsible for the accident.

The driver’s fault is the cause of most accidents.

Integrated rules were introduced in federal motor vehicle rules and state rules for the safety of every individual. They were brought in to drive the drivers’ activities and to prevent traffic crimes.

Vendors must follow these rules when delivering the vehicle to someone.

If a person who purchases a vehicle does not have a proper driver’s license, the registration officer or assistant registration officer should not register his vehicle.

Vehicle Registration Officers must inform the dealers and vendors who are subject to these terms of jurisdiction over these rules.

It is said.

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