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Tamil Nadu Local Election Notice to be published within 15 days Investigation

The Tamil Nadu Public Interest Litigation Center has filed a welfare petition in the Supreme Court on behalf of Madurai. It is said: –

The election has not yet been made by the Supreme Court, which has ordered 3 times the order of the local body to be held in Tamil Nadu. The state government did not take action against this. The case is pending in the Supreme Court.

On July 20, the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission (DMRC) said that the Lok Sabha elections will be held in the Supreme Court on July 30. But no action has been taken yet.

So far 3 times Kada has been purchased by the government on this case. So the Tamil Nadu State Election Commission should issue a notification of the local body within 15 days.

Thus, in this petition.

Earlier, the Tamil Nadu Public Health Prosecution Center (DMU) had filed a plea for the Madurai petition yesterday to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Justice Deepak Mishra, AM Kanwalgir and D.Chandruddhad.

The judges who accepted this said that the petition would be taken on Friday (1).