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An Teacher posted a photo on the social network closely with the students

Faizuddin Laskar is a teacher at the school in Hadlisera, in Hyalanda district in Assam. He has taken many photos of himself as he stays close to his classroom with his classmates. And posted the photographs on social networks.

The parents of the students who saw these photographs on social networks were shocked. And filed a complaint against the teacher at the police station.

The police filed a case and investigated the teacher. But the teacher was not arrested. Thus, parents and villagers of the girls have imposed serious charges against the police.

School administration has not yet given any explanation for this incident. Furthermore, the school administration did not take action on the teacher. The news on this issue has been reported on television in Assam.

In the televisions the author refers to a series of guilty. Local channel In the past, the author was kidnapped by a woman after being sexually abused. People who are angry at the incident claim to have cut off his finger.

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