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Kevin Pietersen was removed from the England squad for several controversies after the Ashes series in 2014.

He thanked him for the removal of England.

In an Australian media, Kevin Pietersen said: After the 2014 Ashes series, I have benefited from the removal of England. It was possible to save my family, restoring the relationship with their children and enjoying happiness.

When my son Dylan was born in 2010, I had to return to the plane from the CEATs and return to the semi-final match, but I didn’t play.

It is difficult for my wife and; itme. People do not understand the things that happen within four walls of a house.

Everything happened wrong; I met a family problem every day in a year. When the UK was playing, the family was runners.

The England team removing me really raised me, and so I could fix things that went wrong. People are always thinking of

People are always thinking of cricket . But now life is very happy for me.

Once again, England did not want to run on a treadmill, it was a boring thing to repeat.

The team has been removed from the team, and after six months of shouting shoutings made my life better.

Now I wake my eyes with my kids. I’m bringing you to school, sleeping near night and sleeping.

Now I get the pride of being the best father in the world. I feed my children, family and my African roots.

It is not normal to be captain of the England team. There are many strict rules. Do something and do not do it.

There is no doubt that I am in this situation because I am going to England. But working as captain is bad days in my cricket career.

To England, it was necessary to be a good Englishman. I was angry when some people called me South African.

I had a lot of focus on what was going on in the UK, but could I speak differently? But one must accept the truth; we can be ourselves. When I played for England, I succeeded.

Kevin Pietersen’s batting is a unique feature in the Test matches that Pietersen over against him at an average of 5.74 against South Africa’s Dale Steyn.

It is also noteworthy that any batsman in the world has not done such confidence in the Dale Steyn Test matches.