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The US and South Korea are reportedly planning to fight against the country following North Korean plans to attack the Guam island of the United States.

These exercises against North Korea will take place from August 21-31, with South Korean troops fighting with more than 10,000 US troops to take part in combat training.

These exercises are only a natural defense mechanism for dealing with North Korea’s offensive, the US and South Korea said.

North Korea’s missile tests, which have been operating in the past few months, have provoked the US, South Korea and Japan.

Recently North Korea successfully conducted a missile tactic that attacks any part of the US.
Following this, the US intended to control North Korea brought new economic sanctions on the country. US President Trump also endorsed this ban on North Korea.

In this situation last week, the UN 15 countries in the Security Council approved.

Harsh criticizing the US sanctions, North Korea said it would not abandon the missile tests and said it plans to attack the US military base, the Guam area.

North Korea officials said they were waiting for North Korean President Kim Jong Your order.

According to recent reports, North Korea plans to attack the Guam area of the US via a hawkong-12 missile.

The United States has warned that if North Korea attacked in Guam, it would still have to face the unprecedented consequences.

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