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Wimbledon champion Vijender Singh wins the championship title of Zulfiqar Maimiadyali in the WTA Olympic Superweight Competition in Mumbai last Saturday.

However, Vijender Singh said that their success was to devote India-China’s alliance and want to repay their victory marks.

The conflict between India and China last June has been a conflict of interest in the conflict zone.

The issue was intensified by India’s opposition to China when it tried to end the border road in Tokelang, in what is known as Donglang in China. This is part of the controversial dispute between China and the northeastern Indian state, Sikkim and Bhutan.

Vijender Singh was widely applauded throughout the country for searching for India’s victory in the boxing tournament in Mumbai.

But some think that his act does not lead to compromise.

Baba Ramdev, a yoga guru and industrialist, has recorded in his tweet that the biggest defeat in Mumbai will be in Tokelau as the Chinese have met.

Wijender Singh’s announcement is whether the Chinese boxer has responded to or not, whether the wizard will allow him to repay their title.