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Kerala has reported that 420 people have died in the virus since January.

Speaking at the state legislature of Kerala, the state health minister KK Singh said.

Sailaja, said the number of deaths caused by virus fever. 71 people have died of H1N1 virus and 24 deaths in dengue fever.

The notice was given to bring a delayed decision on Congress led by the Kerala legislature over the virus. Speaking at that time, Sailaja said that the change in climate change and the expected temperature variations are the cause of viral fever.

“According to government data from January, about 22 lakh people have been affected. 420 people have died of virus infection. “Sailaja said the state government was taking action to prevent the spread of viral fever.

However, Congress member Radhakrishnan has denied reports that the virus has affected over 50 lakh people and they have been treated in various hospitals. 1000 people have died. Congress-led coalition members have a bad state in the state and have a state of emergency to declare a medical crisis.

Opposition members walked out to refuse the Speaker’s permission to discuss the matter with Sri Ramakrishnan.

In Kerala, the H1N1, dengue, rat fever and cholera have been reported in Kerala. Earlier this week, the monsoon rains were reported missing in the rainy season.

Opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala accused the government of failing to take precautionary action.

The state government should get medical assistance from the central government in case of necessity. Chennithala insisted that the state should be prompt in the state of the medical crisis immediately.


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