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Vishal Sikka’s wife quits Infosys

Former Infosys CEO and MD Vishal Sikka’s wife Vandana Sikka has quit the philanthropic arm of the IT services company, Infosys Foundation. She was the chairperson of Infosys Foundation, USA.

“Today, I am writing this email to let you know that I have decided to move on from my role as the chairperson of Infosys Foundation USA. But as we know, a person’s passions are not bound by the entities that house us temporarily,” Mrs Sikka said in her resignation email which she also shared on a blogging platform, Medium.

Mrs Sikka who Vishal Sikka calls “my companion, my compass, my anchor” served at the Infosys Foundation for two and a half years.

Vandana Sikka holds a Master degree in computer science and was about to set up a startup when the Infosys board had invited her to join the IT behemoth’s philanthropic efforts in the US.

“We looked at the CSR (corporate social responsibility) needs of America, saw the tech and innovation happening in California, and recognized the dire need for computer science education in the publication accessible to every student as part of core curriculum,” Mrs Sikka had said in an earlier interview to TOI after taking up the assignment.

In a surprise move, which shook the company, Vishal Sikka quit Infosys earlier this month. The Infosys board and Sikka both cited Murthy’s constant bickering and allegations as the reason behind the drastic decision.