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we will Strengthen our Atomic bomb:North Korea

In July, North Korea, which tested two continental hammer missiles, claimed that the country had the capability to attack the United States. However, experts suspect that the missiles are targeting targets.

These tests, condemned by South Korea, Japan and the US, sparked new sanctions on the UN.

The US representative for the UN, Nicky Haley, claimed that North Korea was facing more severe sanctions than any other country in the current generation.

North Korea has condemned the recent UN sanctions imposed on isolated North Korea. Its sovereignty has been violated by its authorities and has been told by the North Korean Central News Agency.

A hostile policy is being pursued against the US. North Korea reiterated its earlier position that it would not hold its nuclear program in the long negotiations. They do not describe what action North Korea will take.

North Korea’s central news agency has said there is no bigger mistake than believing that its land is safe throughout the US coast.

Faced with threats from the US, “We will not put our self-defense nuclear weapons on the negotiating table.” We will never retreat from strengthening our nuclear power. Thus the news agency says.

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