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Pranab Mukherjee as mentioned as in”Father figure” and he was a good mentor.

It was mentioned in a letter by our prime minister Narendra Modi to Pranab Mukherjee on his last dat in office as President of India.

Pranab was very impressed with the letter of Modi; He shared the letter on his Twitter account On Thursday Dated as for July 24. For that Pranab’s post-Modi replied, “Pranab da, I shall always cherish working with you.”.

In the letter Modi also accepted the fact, they two had different views and thoughts during they worked together.

Modi said that “your wisdom, guidance and personal warmth have given me greater confidence and strength.”

Also, he stated that,“Pranab Da, our political journeys took shape in different political parties. He also mentioned that we two have different political ideas, we have two came from different political parties, My politics was started from the state whereas yours began from the national policies.That is the energy and wisdom of yours helped us to work together for the nation.

Before three years I came to the Prime Minister as an outsider to Delhi.“The job assigned to me was very huge and difficult.

In these times, you have always been a father figure and a mentor to me. Your wisdom, guidance and personal warmth have given me greater confidence and strength.” “You have been so warm, affectionate and caring to me.

In the letter, Modi mentioned that,”One day I got a call from you regarding my health after a long tour campaign for mine and I was fully refreshed with your care.”

Prime Minister Praised the Pranab again in this “You belong to a generation of leaders for whom politics was simply a means to selflessly give back to society. You stand as a great source of inspiration for the people of India. India will always be proud of you, a President who was a humble public servant and an exceptional leader. Your legacy will continue to guide us.”

You’re a Very humble and an exceptional leader. Your legacy will guide us in the future.

This is the Pranab’s recent tweet, “On my last day in office as the President, I received a letter from PM @narendramodi that touched my heart! Sharing with you all.”