Zomato customer care bizarre request

In a recent incident, a Zomato customer care agent was put in a bizarre situation after a customer made him swear on his mother.

The customer requested a refund. Despite the agent reassuring that the refund will happen, the customer asks him ‘Ma Kasam’ (Mother Promise).

In order to make the customer satisfied, the agent ends up making the promise. The hilarious message conversation went viral on social media. Check the details below.

Zomato customer care bizarre request 1

The translation of the conversation:

Zomato: You’ll have to place a new order, sir.
Customer: What about the money I paid?

Zomato: It will be refunded to you in 4-5 business days.
Customer: What if it doesn’t happen?

Zomato: It will sir, don’t worry.
Customer: Mother promise?

Zomato: Mother promise.
Customer: Thanks. I received it.


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