VAADIVASAL Fan Made Trailer – Surya | Vetrimaran

He rarest of rare combos in Tamil cinema has come to fruition after Suriya and Vettrimaaran announced thier film together produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu. The celebrated director has revealed that the title of the film ‘Vaadivasal’ which is at once mass and revolutionary due to its strong connection with Tamil culture. Watch Fan Made Vaadivasal Trailer Below

Vaadivasal is the narrow gate through which the Jallikattu bulls are let out for young men to subdue then during the Pongal celebrations. The project is based on a novel written by C.S. Chellappa the rights of which Vettrimaaran bought in 2017 after his critically acclaimed ‘Visaranai’ also based on a novel.


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The project, based on a popular Tamil novel of the same name, marks the maiden collaboration of Suriya and filmmaker Vetrimaaran, best known for films such as Vada Chennai and Asuran.

Vaadivasal, written by CS Chellapa, is the story about a bull and the one who captures it. The film will unfold against the backdrop of Jallikattu, the ancient sport practiced in Tamil Nadu in which a bull has to be captured Content Source – Joker Guys Youtube Channel 


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