10 Lesser Known Facts About IOS

The World’s Greatest Brand Till Date is APPLE which the well known throughout the globe

In June 2010, Apple rebranded iPhone OS as “iOS”. The trademark “IOS” had been used by Cisco for over a decade for its operating system, IOS, used on its routers. To avoid any potential lawsuit, Apple licensed the “IOS” trademark from Cisco.

  • Massive Success of iPhone 4s helped Apple become Largest Smartphone Vendor
  • iPhone was initially started off as a tablet project.
  • Over 90% Profit
  • The Secret Behind 9.41.
  • About 49% of the people sell their old iPhones before purchasing new ones.
  • iPhone Endured the Falls of over 13, 000 Feet.
  • Apple’s Major Competitor Samsung Manufactures Processor for iPhone.
  • The Jesus Phone.
  • Developers amassed over $20 billion.
  • The invention of the Year Award.

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