Abdul Nasir Maudany, he is founded guilty at the Bengaluru Serial blast case in 2008.

The Karnataka Government in Supreme court demanding 15 lakhs  for escort him to kerala for his son’s wedding.

The court ordered him to take care of the expenses made to escort him to kerala and the court granted a 14 days bail from him.

Maudany would have to shell out ₹14,79,876 to cover the expenses of the police escort.

A Bench of Justices S.A. Bobde and L. Nageswara Rao expressed shock when Maudany’s lawyers, advocates Prashant Bhushan and Haris Beeran, presented in court a communication from the Bengaluru Police for the expenses stated.

The court asked the escort of the police was not in the part of the expenditure and the court asked to prepare the new expenditure list before august 4.

In his contovesial, Maudany said he had last visted Kerala in July 2016 and had refrained from making frequent requests for relaxation of the conditions to his bail.

Mr. Maudany wants a relaxation and it is most important for him to attend his son’s wedding.

Maudany was first granted bail on July 11, 2014 on the ground of medical treatment.