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In 2100, the rise of heat waves is difficult to survive in India

South Asian countries, including India due to global warming and climate change, have been hit by heavy heat waves in recent years. The states of Orissa (1998), Andhra Pradesh (2003) and Gujarat (2010) have been affected by hot waves in recent years.

In 2015, more than 3,500 people died due to severe heat waves in India-Pakistan countries. In this study, the study of ‘scientific advances’ has been revealed in the study of the 2100-year survival in India.

Scientists separate the moisture content of the Earth (wet pulp temperatures) and moisture (dry bulb temperer). The lowest temperature and moisture temperature is known after the evaporation of the moisture in the air.

Scientists have said that the temperature will rise to 35 degrees Celsius in the 2100s. Then the heat and humidity of the human body will cause loss of human health and the number of deaths, the death toll and the lack of awareness. They have warned that even good people can not escape death.