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A 15-year-old student of Agra was sexually assaulted by a 25-year-old teacher and robbed him with his sister and brother and robbed him Rs 30 lakh.

The student complained to the police about this.

Freddie said the 25-year-old teacher, Ruchi Sinha, had a pornographic video and spread it online. The scared student has stolen jewelery and household items from his own home.

The student’s confession stated: –

A year ago, I joined the training center of Ruchi Singhal in Kacheeri Gate. Nithin Singhal and his sister Ruchi Singhal taught me.

Later, Roach and her sister-in-law sister Anjali became familiar with me. One day they gave me a drink to drink. I was so seduced that they took me to the picture and the video. Then I threatened to publish it on the internet.

At first I got Rs. I brought 4 thousand steals. Then I was stolen in two occasions on 10,000 rupees and 45,000. They forced me to see pornography. Then they stimulated the sexual act. Then the video was taken and threatened. I pleaded with them to destroy that video. But they did not listen.

I continued stealing my precious coins and metal from my grandmother’s locker on their insistence. He said.

Rucci Singhal’s sister and brother have racked up many rich students for drugs and robbed them of pornography.

The police arrested Ruchi and Nitin Anjali and have been booked under the Sexual Crimes Act. They also filed a case of extortion.

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