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Chine Threatens in INDO-CHINA BORDER

Tokelam is located near the border of India-Bhutan-China in the northeastern state of Sikkim. In recent times, China has destroyed 2 bunkers in India. The Indian military is concentrating on the further destruction of the Chinese army and prevent it from penetrating. There are more than 3000 soldiers in the area. China is pressing for the withdrawal of these forces

In this context, the Chinese government’s media, the Global Times, reported:

“China is responsible for the Tokelam affair. India makes an atmosphere of unwarranted war. In the event of war, India has no power to stop it. India is clashing with a very powerful power.

Do not think India should be dominated by China as it dominates South Asian countries. The Chinese army is more powerful. We have the power to attack any target of India. It is not a matter of removing the Indian troops standing at the Tokelam border. We do not consider them competitive. The Government of India thinks about the war, not guilty of international law, but guessing the well-being of its people. China needs patience to maintain peace. If the war is coming, the result is with our hands. The Chinese army is in a state of war. It calls for dialogue because of peace of mind. ”

China is said to have taken a small scale attack on Indian forces in the Tokelau area in 15 days.

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