The Universal Star, martial arts Expert, Japanese Jackie Chan, the 63-year-old Jackie said that,”My fans were disappointed when I’m using some fighter for my stunt sequences”.

The audience expects me to do all of my stunts and i was strongly believed that, said by Jackie chan.

The Actor said,” “I do my own stunts most of the time, that’s what audiences expect from me. I used doubles in a few shots, but I do over 90 per cent of my stunts. But I think action for me is still easy. Doing stunts is what I am best at,”


He also added that,” I also depend on special effects and “camera angles” to help me out. “Of course, I used some special effects and camera angles to help, but I think action for me is still easy,” he added.

The JC Stunts Team was established in 1975. I spend most of the time with the people there in the JC stunt team and they were like a brotherhood to me and also we can rehearse the fight wit each other— we fight alongside each other,” he added.

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