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In the financial transaction case, both have severely criticized the Nitish regime after the death of a major culprit.

Lalu has said in his tweet account that “the first death has occurred in the case of Sargun corruption. So far the first death has occurred since the arrest of 13 people.

The deceased is the father of the wealthiest leader of Nitish Kumar’s party in Bhagalpur.

Similarly, Tejasvi Yadav has made a strong statement to the Nitish Raj in his Twitter account. Last night he was arrested in the Srinjan scandal and was suspected to have died.

The Sijan corruption scandal was spread out over corruption.

A large amount of money was paid to the private charity.

Lalu and Sharad Yadav are fiercely critical of Naidu after the regime change has been arrested as many have been arrested over the scandal.