On Saturday, The white house has said that”The US President Donald Trump and the French Emmanuel Macron have discussed the issues exists in North Koreas mutual interest and the crisis in Syria and Iraq.

Mr. Trump and Mr. Macron spoke on the phone, the White House said in a statement on Friday.

The white house report said,” Mr. Trump and Emmanuel has talked for a long time through the phone.

It also said that” Trump and Emmanuel has taken about how to handle the crisis in Syria and Iraq with mutual co operation between the two nations and also encounter the malign Iranian influence,”

They also talked about that,” To brought the People’s right against the Madora’s government in Venezuela and also to maintain the peace in Ukraine by implementing the Minsk agreement by considering all the sides of the Ukraine people.

In Libya to form a  political resolution and also Sahel, the region of Africa to encounter the terrorism in that region.

The white house statement concluded with,”Finally both the President talk about the Mutual Interest in North Korea.”