In Property occurence case accused Sasikala, Illavarasi, Sudhakaran and others were convicted in property jail in Agrahar jail which is located in the Bangalore.

The accusation was made in violation of the rules by Sasikala jail in Bangalore Agrahar jail.

The violation reported that, Sasikala has been given special facilities in the jail and Rs 2 crores was given as bribery for Siddhi Narayana Rao who was a DGP of Prithviraj. The issue has sparked a stir around the country.

Meanwhile, a new video was released yesterday. The scenes took place in which Sasikala and the Illavarsi went out.

In this case, Bangalore Prison Superintendent Nimak Prakash Amirth was transferred to some other part of the state in yesterday midnight.

Amrith has been transferred to the 9th Battalion Unit Commandant of Karnataka Reserve Police.

It may be remembered that the prisons had previously been transferred to the Bangalore Transport Corporation for the Rupa Bangalore DIG.

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