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It was the major drop in the Darjeeling tea crop in the month of June; The dropping percentage is nearly 89%. It is due to the following total work stoppage at the gardens on account of the turmoil sparked by the Gorkha Jana Mukti demanding against their statehood.

According to the Statsitics released by the Tea Board of India, It is to be estimated that the Darjeeling tea crop to be only around 0.14 million kgs in June 2017 compared to the 1.3 million kgs crop of June 2016.

The trouble is started after the making the Bengali language is made compulsory in all West Bengal schools.Snowballed into a major crisis following the clampdown by the state government on leaders and offices of GJM. The total shutdown began on June 15. The crop loss has almost washed away the premium second flush tea crop and there may soon be no Darjeeling tea offerings at the tea auctions in Calcutta.

They began to strike on the day of june 15 which was the major shutdown and The crop loss has almost washed away and because of the strike there may soon be no Darjeeling tea offerings at the tea.

Following this the Production has also dropped by 10.1 % in Assam. The state which accounts for half the Indian tea production of around 1200 million kgs was affected by floods.

South India also reported rise in output in two of its three tea-producing states. Overall, Indian tea crop was 2.8 % lower in June with a crop of 143 million kgs.