Another Episodes of GOT 7 leaked

A “detailed summary” of an upcoming Game Of Thrones” episode has been released by the hacker; they hacked the HBOs cache and external data from the server.

According to the statement of the Hollywood reporter,”The hacked content consists of the following the Seventh season’s Fifth episode along with the Castings, Script summarie, and marketing information.

In Monday in an email message to the international publication, The hacked contents are as follow:“Confidential” and “Script GOT7”.

According to a HBO representative,” we trusted that further leaks are expected and we confirmed it in the last week and also forensic investigation is going on”.

The report says that.”The emails have been made as public, and the review has not been done to believe that our email system as a whole has been compromised.

He also says that.” we continue to work in this to resolve the situation with the cybersecurity by enforcing the law amendments.

The hacked as been done on the last Tuesday of this month and the hackers also leaked the few episodes of the GOT7 as well as their internal data in the online.

According to a spokesperson from HBO, the leak was related to one of HBO’s distribution partners, Star India, and had no relation to the hack.

The fourth episode of the Game of throne had been leaked online before their premier release on August 6th.


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