Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, who led the 100-run partnership with Dhoni to make the Indian team win, said Dhoni had advised him to play in Test cricket.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar took 53 runs in the all-time partnership to lead India to 131/7 in the 2nd ODI.

In this situation he said:

Dhoni said when I got off to play as well as how to play in Test cricket. Dhoni said there is no pressure, there are lots of overs and we can easily win the whole bowl.

After 7 wickets fell, I thought it was nothing to lose. I believed that I can play and can act in favor of Dhoni. That’s what I did.

It started to start well and then wrecked wickets as we had a little bit of tension. There is no message from the dressing room. There was only one chance to win 47 consecutive overs. That was my plan too.

I had a plan against Dhanajaya. He surprised us as he was off the spinner, but Legspin and gogly had his way. He grabbed wickets in Goggly. So I decided to face those balls. First it was difficult to compute his ball. But after 10-15 balls he was able to predict his changes.

We usually just did not have to do anything differently. We all missed the opportunity for two occasions, we did not have to run for the 2nd runners, nor did we need the big shots, we played normal cricket.

But Dhoni said, ‘Do as you like.’ I wanna hit a little over a point. Dhoni did not say swing, or he gave me no responsibility, and when I confronted myself I shot a shot.

I never thought that I would take half a day. One day cricket does not match my paddling style. I do not have the batsmen who hit big sixs. Yesterday there was a situation like Test match. Thanks to Sanjay Bangar, during the Test series she helped me a lot of training in my padding.

Thus said Bhuvanesh Kumar.

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