The Xinhua News agency reported,”The worlds fastest man 30-year-old Jamaican Usain bolt win 100 m race in 0.07 seconds. Also automatically top three players were qualified for the semi- finals.

Usain Bolt has already won 19 world and Olympic gold medals, and now he has qualified to the  Semifinals at the world championship in London.

After the race, he reported that” he was not happy with his performance where the blocks disturbed him a lot.”

In the press, he said, “That was very bad, I stumbled coming out of the blocks. I’m not very fond of these blocks. I think these are the worst ones I’ve ever experienced. I have to get this start together because I can’t keep doing this.

“It’s shaky. When I did my warm up it pushed back. It is just not what I am used to. Not as sturdy or firm.”

On five years ago, the bolt has won three gold medals in the 100 m race and he also holds the record of the worlds fastest man by completed the race in 9.02 seconds in the front of 70,000 people.

Usain bolt said,“The crowd is always wonderful, and They always show me so much love, and I always appreciate being here. I’m excited about getting through to that final and doing my job to my best.

Sun Bingtian was the player with a season best time of 10.03 seconds in heat 4, and also Xie Zheneye reached the Semi finals.

Bolt praised the Asian athletes  “The guys are always going to come out and run fast. They are all stepping up this season which is great. I’m excited to see what they can do in these championships.”

He is going to retire from 4*100 relay after the London championship because “His dad wants him to go on, but he is  happy to retire after the championships.”