The North Korea’s leader who has been selected as the president through the people vote is Park Hun hey.

Her close friend, Chai Soan Chil. He accused the Chancellor of using his influence to donate money to his trusts by donating hundreds of millions of dollars from leading enterprises.

One of the most famous Samsung company’s chancellors, Lee Jang Yang (age 49), was accused of charging $ 40 million (about Rs.260 crore) to Chai Soan Chill to take advantage of the South Korean government.

Lee was arrested in this scandal. The case was filed in the Seoul Central District Court. Four of his company senior officials were also accused.

This incident took place when the president of Samsung was hit by a heart attack, falling into bed and leasing the company’s responsibility.

During the trial, Lee denied the charge.

However, the court found evidence that he had evidence. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail. His company senior officers were imprisoned for 4 years and up to four years.

Lee’s lawyers said that they would appeal against this sentence.

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