September 17 should celebrated as ‘Telangana Liberation Day’ :BJP

BJP demands September 17 to be celebrated as ‘Telangana Liberation Day’. With that demand, Telangana Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has announced the commencement of Liberation Yatra from the first week of September.

According to Telangana BJP president Dr Laxman, the initiative will start on September 1 and will go on until September 17. Telangana BJP will be campaigning to aware people about BJP efforts in getting Telangana as a separate state.

Dr Laxman will be inviting Union Home Minister and senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh to participate in the ‘Liberation Yatra’ initiative. It is expected that Rajnath Singh will not only participate in the yatra but will also address a grand gathering in Telangana.

As per the reliable sources from Telangana BJP, in this particular visit, Rajnath Singh might be holding a closed door meeting with the Telangana BJP cadre, in concern to promote the party in a massive way for the next assembly election.

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