Hindi actor Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao are suffering from swine flu.

Hindi actor Aamir Khan is conducting a charity company named ‘Bani’. The award ceremony was held yesterday evening in Pune. Actor Aamir Khan was planning to take part with his wife Kiran Rao.

In this case, both of them suddenly got sick. Thus, the doctors came home and treated. The study of both blood samples found that both had a swine flu effect.

Thus, Aamir Khan canceled participation in the Pune Gift Festival. Nevertheless, he spoke in the presence of video conferencing in the presence of the audience. At that time, he and his wife confirmed that swine flu had been affected.

The sources close to him said that Aamir Khan and his wife are currently being treated at home and that Aamir Khan will not participate in any event for a week.
Participation in Shahrukh

It is noteworthy that actor Shakur was replaced by Aamir Khan in the Bani charity event in Pune.

52-year-old actor Aamir Khan has been suffering from swine flu in the film industry.

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