Biopic: Tennis legends Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe.

The premiere film of “Borg-McEnroe,” Starring Shia LaBeouf as McEnroe and Sverrir Gudnason as Borg, it is based on the legendary on-court battles between the American and Swedish rival.

The film is going to be screened on Toronto’s International Film Festival Opening ceremony.

It will open North America’s largest film festival in September, Director Janus Metz makes some changes in the scener, and he also awarded for his documentary “Armadillo”  which is focused on Danish troops serving in Afghanistan.

TIFF director Piers said , The story of the epic film changed the sport of tennis forever and the outstanding performances from LaBeouf and Gudnason will be a spectacular way for the festival.

Cameron Bailey said, The on-court scenes have the dynamism of a street battle, and It peels back layers from what we know about both players.Audiences are in for one hell of a showdown.

It is the launch pad for Oscar-conscious studios and distributors and it is going to attract hundreds of filmmakers and actors to the red carpet in Canada’s largest city.

Borg/McEnroe” is the second tennis movie on the TIFF schedule.

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