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A college student committed suicide by hanging himself in a ‘blue whale’ in Kerala.

The ‘Blue Whale’, a Russian psychoanalytic inventor, is popular among the younger generation around the world. Since the last challenge of the game is to commit suicide, a lot of young people have played their lives.

Some students from different states including India and Many nations have been involved in this game and gave their lives.

So Our Indian government has banned this game. However, the game continues to take care of the lives of young people.

Ashik (age 20), a college student from Kerala, has been found to be in the list of life makers. He’s from Palakkad studying 2nd year in commerce and found to be committed suicide.

When the police examined his body and seized his body, the image of the whale was painted with a sharp weapon. And when he took his cell phone, there were pictures of blood on the hands, standing in the sea, jumping from the roof of the house and standing on top of the Stone.

All these are the challenges of the ‘BlueWhale’ game, and the police have come to the conclusion that involvement in the ‘BlueWale’ game may end his life. It has shocked the state.

His mother Asmawi said of Ashik’s death, “Ashik’s suicide has caused us a lot of shocks. When there was no problem for me, why did he ask me why he should commit suicide?

After hearing that this online game has been sacrificed to many of the online games, it seems the assassin might have died because of this game. ”

Earlier this year, 2 college students died in Kerala. Manoj (19) from Thiruvananthapuram and Sawant (19) of Kannanoor committed suicide.

Similarly, many students from different parts of the state have been found to be addicted to this sport. It has caused great shock and sadness among parents and social activists.

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