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Kamal and Rajini attend DMK function

Tamil cinema superstars Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth attended the 75th anniversary of Tamil daily Murasoli in Chennai. While Rajinikanth chooses to sit in the audience, Kamal Haasan was seated next MK Stalin and make a long speech.

“Self-respect matters more than Self defense,” Kamal said.

Kamal Haasan, who has of late been critical of the ruling AIADMK government, was seated next to DMK working president MK Stalin. Rajinikanth, who has given signs that he may enter politics, was seated along with other audience.

Kamal said: “When I asked whether my friend Rajini would come to the event, they replied in the affirmative but noted that he would remain a spectator; I said I too wanted to be a spectator. Then I stood before a mirror and saw my image. I thought to myself, ‘hey fool! What an important function is this! What an opportunity you are going to fritter’.”

He dismissed any talk of him joining the DMK. Explaining his stance, he said: “I received a telegram from him (M Karunanidhi) in 1983 asking me why I shouldn’t join the DMK. I folded it and kept with me,” he recollected and added that the DMK patriarch hadn’t ever talked about it since then. “Till now, I haven’t responded to it either,” Kamal said.

Kamal further said he did not want to miss an opportunity to sit along with editors of various dailies and magazines and hence decided to accept to participate in the function. The function was attended by editors of various dailies and magazines and cine star.