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This storm has been causing heavy rains. At 162 km The hurricane is reported to hit the pace.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency warned that the storm could cause landslides, floods, heavy rains and tidal waves.

Yesterday, the storm reported that the storm was centered around the island of Qusuz.

A fire and calamity management organization said yesterday that a 60-year-old elderly was hurled down in the Yakushima town by a severe hurricane.

An 80-year-old man on the island of Thakhekshima went to see his boat, which was parked by the seaside, and was thrown into the water by the waves. He drowned in the water and became a victim. Officials said yesterday.

It is expected that this storm will be weakened and move to the north-east.

Earlier this storm had been warned that Shikoku would bring heavy rainfall to the island today (Monday).

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