According to the study, the production of mobile devices in India in the year 2017 has crossed 350 million and 2016 has crossed the 280 million. This means that in 2016, 1,35,000 crore revenue earned.

The Securities’ share of 43 percent of all mobile handsets in India is a computation made by the private sector.

The growth of telecom companies’ growth in retail outlets, the growth of IT companies, is the reason for the increase in the production of electronic equipment.

However, from 2008 to 2012, the sale of mobile devices was Rs. 12,000 crores. After that the production has gradually decreased.

The government has taken steps to raise this again. The major schemes of the government, such as Making in India and Skil India, have seen 85 per cent growth in 2015-16. In the year 2016-17, Has risen to 90,000 crore.

The government is giving a 2 percent stimulus for export. Besides, this product increases if you offer concessions. In particular, the demand has been made that the import tax should not be imposed on the utility of mobile devices.

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